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Why girls like sucking the g-spot

Sucking the g-spot would not be very possible. The g-spot is an internal part of the vagina. The only way to effectively stimulate the g-spot is through internal stimulation such as inserting your fingers into her pussy and making a come-here motion deep into her pussy, facing her front tummy.
For some girls, the g-spot is sensitive, while for others, it needs a lot of practice to get stimulated. It is believed that all girls are capable of feeling the highest sensation from the g-spot if they just practice and expose themselves and their guys into this type of action. A dick or a good dildo can also do the trick of stimulating the g-spot. However, usually, the g-spot goes hand in hand with stimulating the clitoris for maximized effect.
For girls whose g-spot are not as sensitive or reactive to stimuli, it will take a lot of practice with yourself or with your guys so that this part will start to contribute sensations and allow the girls to experience a deeper sensation and a more heightened orgasm, not to mention multiple orgasm.
Sucking the clitoris while stimulating the g-spot, however could prove highly intense for a girl!

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