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Why do guys love to cum in girls' mouths

Guys love to cum in girls' mouths because for them there is a sense of fulfillment. Aside from the fact that guys feel a sense of control and dominance when girls swallow their cum, most guys want to feel a deeper kind of connection with the girl they are having sex with. It feels as if the love-making is complete for the guys if their girls swallowed their cum.
A large number of guys believe that the girl who allow them to cum in their mouths are as equally committed as they are – that the girl doesn’t have reservations to this part of their love making. They equate coming in the girl’s mouth as the ultimate display of how much the girl wants him.
For other guys, it is a fulfillment of a psychological need to equate their cum with milk, and looking at women as desirable, cuddly babies who are waiting for the much-awaited nourishment or supplement to complete their existence.
Taking it a step further is guys wanting their girls to swallow their cum. To them, this is the ultimate orgasm when the girl totally takes in all of him – an absolute surrender to his dominance as the leader of the sex activity.

Visitors' comments

dave on Monday 19th of November 2019 04:26:31 PM wrote

My girlfriend sucks me off and then we share my cum and kiss that is very hot.

Anonymous on Friday 30th of August 2019 09:26:26 PM wrote

My wife swallows my cum and it is a sense of fulfillment for me that she is fully committed as me in passionate love making. I usually feel real bad about it after it happens, but I love it. And in return it makes me what to lick her until she releases. Makes me feel better. Once in a while she shows me it in her mouth before she swallows and that is so hot to me.

Bilbo on Friday 12th of June 2020 10:29:37 AM wrote

When a woman swallows my cum it is the ultimate expression of acceptance to me. She is taking a very intimate part of me, part of my body, my very essence into herself. She will digest it and part of me will become part of her.

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