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How to make a woman swallow cum

Making a woman swallow cum is a matter of personal choice and personal motivation on the part of the woman. If it gives her a particular high to swallow cum, then it is a plus on her part. She will make her guy very happy and very satisfied.
Some women like the taste of cum. They like the consistency, the smell and everything that comes with it. However, not all women like to swallow cum.
A man’s cum has a peculiar taste. It is salty, very alkaline and has a smell that the nose does not usually comprehend as a good smell. The consistency is viscous. These combined are enough to make any usual human being think twice before swallowing it.
For girls who cannot easily swallow cum, it helps if the man take it one step at a time. First, he can let her play with her hands his cum after he climaxes. Let her massage her body or his body with it. This will make her comfortable with the cum next time around. In the next orgasm, have her smell the cum and let her describe to you how she feels about it. At all times, you have to assure her and make her feel very important that she is doing that. Then you can progress to making her taste your cum, just a small taste. If she has no problem with the taste, then you will not have a problem letting her swallow it. All it needs is for her to understand why she needs to do that.
If she feels icky and has a problem with the taste, then you can go on with the same practice and making sure she experiences an exceptional orgasm each time she agrees to at least taste your cum. It will also help if you come ahead of her, while she is building up to a climax. At this point when climax is eminent to the girl, she is able to take in your cum since she feels this is all part of the orgasm.
Another way to do it is to let your girl practice swallowing edible substances that have the same consistency and almost the same taste. If she agrees to this, it means you have succeeded in psychologically conditioning herself to one day swallow your cum. If it is taking her long enough to overcome the icky feeling, why don’t you show her that you have no qualms licking her cum? Then she will see how you are also willing to do the same thing given the opportunity.

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Skt on Sunday 2nd of December 2019 11:50:52 PM wrote

Is that import that a woman has to swallow a man when he cum. How if she doesn't want to swallow his cum is that a problem?

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