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Taste of a man's cum

A man’s cum is technically called an ejaculate. It is composed of fluids and sperm. It is usually whitish, kind of milky white consistency. It can be a bit sticky. It is a bodily fluid, and so it can also be a good medium for sexually transmitted disease to be transferred. Other facts about man cum include one that it is actually protein. For girls who are calorie-conscious, even if it is a good source of protein, it will not affect their daily intake of calorie that much as a good amount of cum (usually one tablespoon full or so), usually just about 5 calories. And yes, most girls burp a bit later after swallowing cum.
A huge number of girls and women just love the taste, smell and feel of man cum. However, there are also a significant number who find it quite icky.
Some men love it when their girl or sex partner taste or swallow their cum. However, most men just loves a good head and as long as he is able to cum, do not mind whether their girls swallow their cum. However, it is not about whether the girls would be willing to swallow cum. It is the taste that usually prevents them from giving their man the ultimate turn on of swallowing their cum. The taste also comes with the smell.
The taste and smell of cum vary from one guy to another. But generally, the taste is kind of salty, alkaline (like oral hydrate), and has a very distinct aftertaste that sticks to the taste buds. Many women and girls describe the smell of cum similar to that of bleach, others say it smells like yeast, others, like baking soda. Considering all that, it is safe to say, a man’s cum has both a peculiar and not easily-liked taste and smell. And this doesn’t yet include the consistency. The man cum is sticky, thick and kind of slippery. So combining all three elements, it is really not readily palatable for first-time cum swallowers.
For some girls, it may take a lot of getting used to. However, there are some things that men can do in order that the taste and smell of their cum will at least be improved for their girls.
Just like any bodily excretions (sweat, urine, feces, saliva, etc.), the ejaculate or cum is also affected by the intake of the body. Some substances can alter the taste of the man’s cum. Alcohol, coffee and smoking have the tendency of adding a bitter taste and a stronger smell to the cum. The same food categories that find their way to the sweat and saliva also do the same for the cum, so the guys is suggested to lay easy on the garlic, onions and other spices. Some research results show that women and girls often appreciate the difference in the taste of their guy’s cum when the guy is on citrus and vegetable diet. There is a cleaner scent and a lighter, more palatable taste to the cum. Also guys who drink a whole lot of fluids and citrus juices have better-tasting and smelling cum.
Also, conditioning the girl to swallow cum may help in letting her overcome the taste and smell. First, what she can do is play around with the cum on her fingers for consistency, and then for smell, and ultimately, for taste. Also, the guys can start off with giving her less amount of cum in the first few tries, until she is well-adjusted to all three: smell, taste and consistency.
If the girl cannot really overcome her feelings for the guy’s come but would still like to swallow it, she can position the dick and the direction where the cum will be released in her mouth so she can taste the least - not all parts of the tongue are sensitive to taste.
Like any other undertaking, it takes motivation. If the motivation and willingness is there, all it takes is practice.

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josue on Thursday 3rd of January 2020 09:48:52 AM wrote

I love jizzing in my girls mouth :)

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