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How to make a girl cum

Most normal women achieve orgasm mainly through the most sensitive part of the vagina – the clitoris. However, other women find pleasure in stimulating other portions of their vagina such as the G-spot, while some feel that added intense on orgasm is felt when their anus is stimulated. But for any guys out there wanting to know what really makes a girl cum – it’s that little button at the tip of every woman’s vagina – it is how you take care of that that will make her cum!
However, to get a girl to like getting an orgasm while having sex with her, and not looking like a jerk diving directly to her clitoris, every woman wants to be ‘carried’ there – not literally – but lead her there ultimately. Remember, any woman who is correctly aroused will reciprocate, giving both parties extreme pleasure. So it is knowing how to get her to cooperate and that counts.
First every man, or woman for that matter needs to know the different types of women (sexually), and how they reach orgasm – all women e reach orgasm quickly when their clitoris is aroused continuously; others reach orgasm faster by combining deep penetration in their vagina and stimulating their clitoris; others may have only one orgasm at a time; others may have multiple orgasms; while others may need more foreplay, more stimuli or more visual and physical arousal.
Next, every man or woman needs to know that unlike men who can get off anytime or can jump into an orgasm mode at any moment, women always appreciates some sort of stages in achieving orgasm – getting her in the mood for orgasm. Yes, we are talking about foreplay. Sensitive areas that can spark the arousal of any woman is foremost, the kiss. Women hate bad breath – that is for sure. They may just hide it the first time around, but that is a sure turnoff. Gentle, probing tongue action in the mouth is one surefire way to arouse her. Soft kisses on her neck with a man’s breath makes her feel secure and maintains arousal. Of course, fondling her breasts – gently (rather than ravaging) it would add to the sensual build-up. Gentle fondling of her crotch (not urgent, hard and brash) builds the excitement and anticipation. At this point, just tease her clitoris – if it is not yet wet, you may want to lubricate your finger with your saliva, but you must do it not in a porno way – just let her lick your finger and then slightly, very slightly brush this finger across her clit. This should put her in the mood.
Another tip men and women need to know when fondling the clitoris – it is very sensitive to both pleasure and pain. So be sure to use gentle, soft, rubbing movements. It is not like the penis that is designed for hard, outer friction, the clitoris only needs a soft amount of action to amplify the sensation. That is why tongue action scores more with any woman.
All men who want to make any woman come and make a lasting impression on any woman must make excellent pussy-eating and pussy-licking action. This is the surest way to make a woman come. All sex must have this if a woman is involved – no exceptions. Tongue action on the woman’s clitoris is the most pleasurable part of sex for a woman, and one of the guaranteed ways to build her up for orgasm. Why the tongue? It is lubricated, warm, soft, and even the strongest tongue feels soft on the clit. Therefore, men have to remember to make their finger actions similar to that of the tongue.
After a woman is at the height of arousal, the man or woman with a toy can start penetrating her – softly at first, and then let nature take its course. But just quick note – wherever the penetration is – vagina or anal, do not neglect the clitoris. If the woman is not keen on rubbing her clit while penile penetration is ongoing, it would always be added pleasure for her if the man would position one of his fingers on her clit and allow it to be pinned down by his lower abdomen while he is humping. The motion will synchronize the finger with the humping motion while sufficiently maintaining the stimuli on the clit. This will definitely add intensity! It is usually a mistake on the part of men to neglect the clit during the penetration and humping action. Everyone must remember that not all penises are built to touch the clit during the humping action.
These tried and tested simple tips are guarantees to make any woman cum and have the most unforgettable orgasm that leaves her wanting any man or woman even more!

Visitors' comments

Geno V. on Monday 22nd of February 2019 11:04:23 PM wrote

Thank you for the info. The best thing that helped me was how you said use your finger like you would use your tongue.

Visitors' comments

Markos on Tuesday 11th of May 2019 11:25:27 PM wrote

The most ugly and most disgusting I ever saw it is these machines to make female has cum.

Nothing great like real right Holy relation

I left 3 gf coz the this reason, one of them said I can't live without this machine

And I told her it is not respect to me and if you really love me don't treason me in this stupid things because I don't want also treason you by machine or other girl

I hate it everything not natural

Thank you

jennifer phillips on Monday 14th of June 2019 12:29:05 PM wrote

Yepppp me and girlfriend had fun fun pleasure with your how to make me cum lol :)

Mary on Sunday 15th of August 2019 09:55:02 PM wrote

My BF makes me cum a river by me having one leg bent and the other laid out... And him on top... Him thrusting hits my G spot, and it turns the button on. Also with me on top, I can cum alot. It's all in the positioning...

Jeffrey coe on Monday 14th of June 2019 12:29:05 PM wrote

I thought your information was really helpful now my girl is smiling all the time. Thank you!

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