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What are the types of pussies

There are a million ways to categorize pussies. It all depends upon a person and upon perception and the point of reference. And of course, there is the physio-anatomical categories of pussies, or aptly called vaginas.
Okay. The more formal, physio-anatomical types of vaginas: The epilabial and the hypolabial ( Epilabial types of vaginas have a flap-like inner lips or what are called, labia-minora while the hypolabial types of vaginas have an inward development of the labia minora, thus looking like a bread with a slit in the middle.
Based on numerous accounts of men, women, lesbians, gays, there are so many ways to categorize pussies.
For men who have sex with numerous women, one way of categorizing pussies is according how they satisfy or meet their needs:
There are over a million ways to categorize pussies. The above categories are a general category of a long list of categories based on the inputs and research of mostly male writers. There are other lesbians and other guys who seem to put premium on the way that the pussies physically look like:
Pussies vary as much as any woman varies. Not one pussy is similar to the next. It is just like the pattern on any man’s thumbprint. However, any vagina has all the regular components: the labia majora or the outer lips, the labia minora or the inner lips, the clitoral hood, the clitoris, the urethra, the vaginal opening, the vaginal canal and the g-spot. Normally, the labia majora covers all the parts and has a division right in the middle.

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