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Do girls like to swallow a man’s cum?

Here is an anecdote to this infamous question: Two hookers started to head home after a long night’s work. It has been a bad business night for them. They shared their night.
Hooker A: “Gee this is bad. Even our business got affected with the economic downturn, huh? I didn’t nail one customer tonight!”
Hooker B: “Ah know, girl! Well, I managed to blow one guy and just right after he shot his cum inside my mouth, he just took off! I should have required an advance payment.”
Hooker A: “Oh well, good for you, you’ve had dinner.”
The male ejaculate, or commonly called ‘cum’ is a high-protein combination of live sperms and semen. It is clean (unless your man has sexually transmitted disease), and yes, most girls do burp after a huge load swallowed. It is already one great protein meal.
Ideally, if this is the case, why is there a huge debate on whether girls like to swallow a man’s cum?
The answer is simple – if a man tried to swallow their cum, they would know the answer to this. But come to think about it – unless they are gay, no other man dares to swallow or even taste their cum! Yet they demand that their girls swallow or taste their cum – it gives them the ultimate feeling of domination and fulfillment after sex or a blowjob!
Not all girls like to swallow cum. And here are the reasons:
Also, most men, at the height of their orgasm would have temporary memory loss of their current surroundings – to the extent of just mindlessly ramming their whole penis down the throat of the girl! This alone is enough to make any girl gag – to merely add the ejaculate coming out right into the girl’s mouth, and ramming the rest to her throat can be very unpleasant for a girl.
Some men and boys interviewed feel that it is the ultimate show of love or commitment of the girl or woman to their sex if the girl or woman swallows their come. Not true. Sex should be equal. If one feels unpleasant things, then one is not fully satisfied. Therefore, both parties should closely communicate what they like and don’t like and the other should help the other by understanding these areas of being uncomfortable.
So many blogs, discussions and feedbacks talk about the various ways of preparation before swallowing cum or getting used to cum – it only means that it is not the most favorite event during sex. And majority of women find the act unpleasant.
But of course, there are some women and gay men who love the taste, smell and consistency of come. Women who love swallowing cum feel that they have actually a deeper connection with their men and just love the thought of being able to do more for their men.

Visitors' comments

gspot on Saturday 27th of March 2017 11:27:22 AM wrote

When I was in high school, as an alternative to unprotected sex that could result in my getting pregnant, I would blow my boyfriend and swallow his semen. At first I would gag and even threw up twice. However, if I held the shaft of his penis tightly so he couldn't ram it down my throat, it wasn't too bad.

As I grew up a bit more, I reserved it for the few men in my life I was in love with. Just as my vaginal juices have a flavor of their own that some men might not like, some men's semen tastes better than others.

I now reserve swallowing as an intimate part of making love reserved for my love. It's a part of our lovemaking now, not a part of any sexual routine. If he or I want to have him orgasm in my mouth, it is unspoken. It just happens. Afterwards, we feel a deep intimacy with each other that only two people who love each other and have shared something special would feel.

jonny b good on Saturday 1st of May 2017 10:27:33 AM wrote

Sometimes when I get super horny I just get on my back and shoot my load of cum into my own mouth and it actually isn't that bad. Kind of a turn on actually. Just takes some gettin used to. But it increases the experience and you get a nice healthy protein shake out of it too.

Jazzebell on Saturday 22nd of May 2017 08:41:03 PM wrote

I belive the more fruit you eat, if you like sprites, only drink beer, alot of veggie, and alot of apricots, your sperm will be sweet.

I got my boy friend on that diet, I enjoyed his cum five times a day.

Dick Foryew on Monday 25th of March 2019 05:09:12 AM wrote

As a male… my biggest turn on is watching my female sex partner take my load of cum into her mouth and then watch her drool the thick lengthy rope of jizz out of her mouth, down her chin and drip onto her tits. Yum!!

I got my boy friend on that diet, I enjoyed his cum five times a day.

Punished by blowjobs on Monday 19th of August 2019 01:18:51 PM wrote

My girlfriend sucks me every morning when waking me up and before I go sleep at night. She is 21 and I am 35. She believes that our time together will be short and want to make up now for any lost years. She sometimes suck me that I come uo to three times without any breaks down her throat. She loves the marathon sucks and so once a month I get sucked for an hour and have to make that call to the office while she's sucking that I will be late. I get punished twice a day with blowjobs (not to mention so once and a while by my secretary as well).

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