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How to give a girl multiple orgasms

Women would like to have multiple orgasms. But most women with regular or ordinary sexual activities would say they have not experienced any multiple orgasms. Others say it’s because not all women are readily capable of multiple orgasms. While other women have been created with a ready mechanism to achieve multiple orgasms, others (most) need to develop this ability before they are able to experience multiple orgasms. Girls and women are developed physically differently. Therefore, it is essential to know which kind of girl or woman one is dealing with.
But for the question, is it possible for girls and women in general to achieve multiple orgasms? This is a topic with much debate among experts and women with actual experiences and girls in general. While experts say all women have the capability and physical set up to achieve multiple orgasms, some, or most regular girls who have tried but have been unsuccessful say there are just women and girls who are not built to have multiple orgasms.
Before discussing what are the possible ways to give a girl or woman multiple orgasms, let us look deeper into what multiple orgasm is all about:
Unlike in men wherein there must be a refractory period after the orgasm and ejaculation, the female genitals can respond to stimulus in other areas. At the height of sensation around the clitoral area, where most of the orgasm is centered, other areas of a female genital area are hypersensitive – and can contribute to a woman’s achievement of multiple orgasm – the G-spot, if also stimulated properly while a girl or woman is achieving climax, can contribute to giving another orgasm.

So what and were exactly is a G-Spot?

Usually, normally and generally, girls and women believe the G-spot is a myth. Experts believe that they are wrong, because all girls have the same genital structure. So technically, where is the G-Spot? Here are a few descriptions – it could vary from one girl to another, but generally:
Experts are torn between whether orgasm through the G-spot is true to all women.
The safest assumption is that not all women climax through G-spot stimulation alone. It needs to be combined with clitoral stimulus. Although as mentioned, there are some women who have the capacity to climax through G-spot stimulation only. These women are most likely to experience multiple orgasm.
Other girls and women who have experienced orgasm through G-Spot stimulation also believe that it causes female ejaculation. That’s right! Some girls and women, especially those who experience a G-spot orgasm are capable of spurting fluids during orgasm through the urethra, just like a penis. This is because the heightened sensitivity in the G-spot area gives a much deeper sensation and is directly connected with the urethra, which may activate it to ejaculate (in drips or sprays) fluids. The fluid is not urine, but a clear paraeurethral fluid.
According to other women, the easiest way to stimulate the G-spot is through the use of toys or dildos. Many of those who climax through the G-spot believe that these are more effective than the fingers.
However, there could be possible ways to ‘train’ a woman’s sexual areas to achieve multiple orgasms:
A girl or woman must know her body first before other persons. Just like how a baby learns to crawl before it walks. One has to learn how to have one orgasm first before learning how to have multiple orgasms. A girl has to explore what are her body’s most sensitive parts and the not-hot spots of her body. She has to learn what works for her and what doesn’t work for her. It’s like having a database of all the sexual parts of her body and how they react, how they contribute to the building up of orgasm. A girl has to know which parts gives her orgasm and which parts need work or practice in order for these parts to contribute in her orgasm.
In order to achieve the above, a girl must shed off her shyness and have to start stimulating and pleasuring herself first – masturbate and see what points does what, what points reacts this way, what points do not react that way, what makes her climax, what doesn’t make her climax, how everything looks, what are the different parts. Everything! Unless a girl or woman knows her own sexual hot spots, she cannot expect her sexual partner to guess at where she would like to be touched, rubbed, licked, penetrated and so on. Also, this is essential in a girl’s communication during sex.
One important rule in achieving multiple orgasms is to communicate with your partner exactly the things a girl learned about her body – this way a man will know exactly how to stimulate her and give her multiple orgasms. Another important tip is for the girl or woman to lose all inhibitions about stimulating herself during sex with a partner – if she has been doing this during her exploratory period with herself, this should not be a problem. Men and other women sexual partners appreciate women and girls who help out in making their climax more pleasurable.
Another important process is to practice. For girls and women who do not achieve multiple orgasms often or have not experienced at all, it needs a lot of practice – by themselves or with their sexual partners. They need to realize that if they do not achieve multiple orgasm right away, it is okay. It only means they have to practice more.
For this, it helps if women, along with their sex partner indulge in a fantasy or whatever turns them on and extra horny. Most girls and women instantly feel the heat in their vagina when they see a porn video (unless they have been exposed to it more than once in a day). This is the easiest to do.
Also, in practicing how to achieve multiple orgasm, it needs a lot of lubrication. Since both sexual partners agree to make it a practice, there might be some point wherein vaginal fluids may run dry. That is okay. Just have lubricating fluids available (saliva would also do).
During practice, make sure that you and/or your partner understand that the main goal is not to have fast orgasm for either – but to make sure that you are both learning and relearning how to make you have multiple orgasm. So is important to take it slow – use various types of foreplay while building up your G-spot sensation. The slower the pace, the better for both of the girl and the sexual partner so that the build up to climax is controlled, especially when the foreplay also includes stimulation of the clitoris. Also, as indicated earlier, communication is the key. A girl or woman must never forget to communicate what she would like to do, what she would like her partner to do, where she wants to be touched, how gentle, how hard, so on. This is to give her sexual partner a clue on whether she is just having a too-fast build-up that she is near-orgasm yet her G-spot is not yet stimulated, etc.
Some women cannot experience multiple orgasms because they may be too preoccupied, too tired and lack enough rest so that they may be contented with only one orgasm. It is natural for women to feel relaxed after orgasm. So if a woman had sex after a long-draw day’s work, chances are, she may not have multiple orgasm at all since the relaxing sensation brought about by one orgasm is enough to catapult her to dreamland right after sex.
It is very important, therefore, for women, who are ‘training’ themselves to have enough sleep and rest. Get a well-deserved beauty rest before hand. Go to a spa. Relax before your big night. If a girl or woman is well rested, she can resist the sensation of sleeping after one orgasm and keep working to achieve another and yet another – she can have orgasm the whole night if she knows how to do it or if her partner knows how to do it.
It also helps if a girl has exercise. Sexual activity can be strenuous at times, especially after a girl reaches orgasm, there is a tendency to have a decline in muscular strength due to the release of hormones that relaxes the body. A girl with enough physical capacity can resist these tendency to tire out after one orgasm, or even before the orgasm, has the capacity to help work her way in the sexual process so she can help her partner make her get multiple orgasms.
Some multiple orgasms may take a few seconds in between, or a few minutes in between. What is important to note is that the next orgasms after the first climax comes easier and faster. If stimulated consistently, a girl may achieve her first orgasm after 10-15 minutes, but after that, the next orgasms may take only a few minutes or if done right, a few seconds. It becomes shorter and shorter as one goes on and on.
Each girl has to keep going as long as she has fun.
Just an additional information on G-Spot ejaculation, here are a few steps that any girl or their sexual can practice with if they want to take multiple orgasms to another level:
The important thing to remember is to just keep on practicing. Do not give up the first time around. For men, talking and making your girl sex partner understand what you are doing can help both of you have a more pleasurable ‘practice’ time learning how to make her come more than once! Afterall, it is any man’s dream to give the girl of their dreams the most pleasure during sex. For any girl, if all experts who believe that all girls have the capacity to achieve orgasm are right, then it is a shame for girls who cannot achieve it since they can do it.

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