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How to make a girl wet

Making a girl wet can be easy – if all the elements that come into play are played correctly. First, everyone has to know that each girl is sexually develops differently. Although any regular and normally-developed girls have the same sexual parts, not all have the same experiences for each. This must be kept in mind by anyone and everyone. It is a common mistake for men or boys or even other women or girls to think that all girls are built the same way – big mistake.
Knowing the knowledge above, every boy or man must learn what his girl wants or how and when she wants it. It is therefore important to keep the communication open with the girl you are having sexual relations with. Try to get her to shed her inhibitions. This will help in making her wet faster.
It takes a girl to know how to make a girl wet. But for men, those who have had more sexual partners would know the fastest way to make a girl wet and other kinkier ways to make a girl wet.

Nevertheless, here are a few tips:

The main point is to get your girl in the mood for the action. Getting wet is a naturally biological occurrence in any girl or woman.

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jennifer phillips on Monday 14th of June 2010 12:34:16 PM wrote

Charlie made me wet faster then ate me dry then found out I smelt like fish so he grabbed my dish:)

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