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Why do boys lick pussies

Boys lick pussies because they feel that it is important to give their girls or the woman they are having sex with the highest form of pleasure. Some men feel that this is the ultimate way to show their girl that they are committed to their love-making.
Guys find pussy-licking as their ultimate way to show their girls how much they want them and how much they would like to please their girls. It is no secret that all girls find pussy-licking, especially around the clitoris the most intense sensation during love making or sex. Most girls find pussy-licking highly-pleasurable. This is mainly because the clitoris is composed of nerves. It is the counterpart of the most sensitive part of the penis.
For a girl, she feels very important and feels that the guy really wants her to feel good and is committed to making her feel the highest pleasure during their sex.
Another way of looking at pussy licking is, it is the easiest way to get a girl stimulated for sex! Also, in a highly-reciprocal sex act, this is the counterpart of a blowjob! Giving and taking in this activity can be very pleasurable for both the girl and the guy.
Boys also feel a certain level of maturity and feel self-assured that he has conquered this feat and it adds to his morale that he has given the ultimate pleasurable sensation to his sex partner.

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Nd on Friday 6th of November 2020 05:26:20 AM wrote

Besides giving the girl pleasure, when a woman is wet the scent is an aphrodisiac. Like when females animals are in heat, the males sniff them and its a turn-on. So its a primal instinct as well, comes naturally to guys. By the same token, many females don't suck dick cos the female species of animals are not naturally programmed to sniff the males!

no name on Thursday 22nd of October 2020 08:53:16 AM wrote

I once licked my girl in her pussy and she told me the act was wonderful as she told me to continue.

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